How We Work

At MPI, we turn bright ideas into finished products. Concept, Prototype, Research, Copy Writing and Graphic Design. Modeling, Minting and Fabrication.

MPI Coin brings a unique combination of experience and originality to all phases of the creation process. We find the universal appeal that will turn an idea into a major success. That’s why we sell more than two million State Quarter Collections every year.

We have complete assembly and shipping facilities on site, and a dedicated and experienced staff that know how to deliver. Backed by in-house Sales and Marketing departments that will keep demand high.

Custom Coins

Custom Coins are the Gift that Lasts a Lifetime. Yes, you can mint your own coin, and we can make it happen in pure silver or solid brass. Create a premium or fundraiser that will be kept, handed down, and will evoke memories for generations
to come.

Create a keepsake that will remind people of you every time they get in their car or open a door. Key chains turn home-state pride into your personal promotion.

Customized Collections and Coin Sets

America’s coins in a Collection we design just for you. Two bright, uncirculated coins in a colorful tri-fold that features your name, your logo and your words. Or turn our best-selling Collections into the perfect end-of-year gift. You can put any American coin into our innovative acrylic Coin Set display. A popular–and inexpensive–choice.

Customized Certificates and Engraving

So Easy, So Effective. You can customize virtually any coin or coin product by adding custom engraving or a customized certificate. MPI Coin can even personalize each certificate or engraving in a large order, making it easy to create unique gifts for graduating classes, employee recognition, customer or vendor gifts, or community outreach.